Stone Coated Steel Shingles

Beauty and durability at its finest!

  • 50 year warranty!

  • Stone-Coated Steel Roofing is warrantied for up to 2.5 inch diameter hail (that’s baseball size!).

  • Steel roofing can withstand winds up to 170 mph, making it fantastic for hurricane prone areas. No more blown off shingles!

  • The interlocking panels make it exceptionally strong, which is extremely useful in earthquake zones.

  • The roof panels won’t split, curl, crack, warp or absorb water making it great for areas with extreme climates.

  • The stone coating is UV reflective, sending heat back into the atmosphere and not into your home or commercial property.

  • In general, the product is 50% lighter than more traditional asphalt or built-up roofing, which means there is no need for additional structural reinforcement.

  • The steel panels are 100% recycleable.

  • Little or no maintenance is needed — generally, just hosing the roof clear of debris is enough.